May 30, 2024

Are you one of those people who feel like their mattress is slipping off their bed? You may think that it is impossible especially if the size of the frame of your bed is exactly the same size as your mattress. This incident will give sleepers a hard time getting a good sleep as they feel like they might fall anytime. They may even think that they made a wrong purchase because they just got it from a shop offering mattress sale Houston.

This scenario is nothing but normal, so don’t fret too much. If you are experiencing this, it is high time that you do something about it so your sleep will never get disturbed again. There are many ways to avoid mattress from slipping off the bed, and this article can help you achieve it.

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How to avoid mattress from slipping off the bed

So, here are some of the most effective tips you can do to keep your mattress from sliding off its frame:

  • Buy a non-slip pad

Most of the mattress stores sell non slip pads that are made of PVC rubber and would fit in between of the bed and the mattress to keep the later from sliding. If you got your mattress from a store offering mattress sale Houston near you, also ask for this pad’s availability and buy both at the same time.

The pads may come in different sizes, and if the pad is too small for your bed, combine two or three. These pads are very thin hence you won’t notice its existence at all while you sleep.

  • Consider rubber matting

You may see rubber matting under your area rug, this is a cheaper option hence others try this route. Just cut the rubber matting according to the size of your bed and voila, your mattress will not fall anymore. Some take advantage of themattress sale Houston to save money, and being able to use a cheaper alternative to make the mattress not slide is another way to save up.

  • Use Velcro

You can use the one that has adhesive on the other side and Velcro on the other so you won’t need to sew it on your mattress. This do yourself alternative can help you achieve a non slipping mattress.

After you bring home the mattress sale Houston you just purchased, make sure that it will perfectly match your bed frame without sliding, by following the tips above.