May 25, 2024

As there is increase in the digital technology, the use of money and the way we spend it is also becoming digitalized. Before there was the option of debit and credit cards but with the vanilla prepaid MasterCard you can manage your money and use only the amount you have decided to spend. They are the new trend of managing the money which also fits your pocket easily. You can also give the vanilla prepaid cards as a gift to your loved ones.

Gift card

When it comes to buying a prepaid card, you can get one at any retail shop, from official website of MasterCard or from banks. Before making a choice make sure to select that prepaid card which suits your financial income, give you rewards for your selected category and decide on reloadable and non reloadable one. There are two types of prepaid cards which can be loaded and the other cannot be loaded once the amount is finished. Hence making a choice of card is important as they also charge some amount of activation fee and service charges which vary from one card to another.

Many companies also sponsor to these prepaid cards and make it more attractive and appealing by giving many discounted offers and rewards. Once you buy a prepaid card after doing an online survey you must register it and activate it for using it in future. The process of activation is simple and can be done at home using your phone or laptop. You have to visit the official page of MasterCard and search for the option of registering the card; it asks you to enter the card number which will be provided at the front side of your prepaid card. After you enter the card along with other personal details it takes few minutes and then your card will be active. Once the activation is done first thing which you must do is check the balance, and add sufficient balance to your vanilla card.

Keeping a regular check on the balance is mandatory which can be done through your phone number or online. Whenever you make a purchase you will receive a message showing the money left in your card which makes it easier for you plan for next set of purchasing. In case of phone not working or any other issue you can check it via online statement by visiting the official website and entering the card details. You will be shown the exact amount which is available and the history of transactions you have made using the vanilla prepaid card.

The other main benefit of vanilla prepaid MasterCard is that you can give it to your loved ones on special occasions, you can add the amount of money you wish to give and get their name printed on the card to customize it. This is the new trend of gifting and a best substitute for paper envelopes.